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This podcast is all about getting started and moving past the fears and blocks and whatever else is getting the F-- in our way!

Often times it's ourselves.

Totally normal!

Doing the things talked about in the podcast works best with a community, with support and with talking about where you're at, what you're going through and whatever else may come up. 

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Dec 27, 2022

As we are nearing the end of this year, I like to have a moment of honoring and acknowledging what we shared and what we all experienced as individuals and as a collective. So today’s compilation episode features energies of releasing and renewal and healing. You’ll hear some guest’s stories of healing and some practical tools that have been shared on the show, like self-care and the knowledge our bodies harbor. I hope this episode inspires you to find space to also acknowledge your past year’s journey and all it brought you and allow for releasing in order to bring in renewed energy in the new year. Enjoy.

-4:50 Releasing 2020 With Joy Shannon: How Healing & Creativity Intersect

- 11:41
Harness Your Body's Healing Powers Using the PABR Technique with Dr. Amy Novotny, Founder of PABR Institute

- 18:55 Self-Care Reminder: Creating Boundaries & Nurturing the Artist

- 26:32 KylEast Singer, Songwriter: An Artist’s Journey With An Eating Disorder

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